Brown natural plam leaf Book Mark Handpainted by artisans of Odisha

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Size of Product & Weight : Weight: 50 Grams, Size: 4x1 Inches

Pack Content : Box Contains : 1 Handpainted Palm leaf book mark

MATERIAL : Palm leaf

Product Description

Palm Leaf Pattachitra, since the beginning of time, before paper was invented, people used to write and draw on palm leaves with stylus made of twigs sharpened with rocks to give the effect of a fine tip pen. Interestingly, all the Hindu holy books, like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the Vedas and the Upanishads, and also other mythology stories were all written on palm leaves. An iron nib stylus, called lekhani or the tool for writing, is used to engrave and etch on the dried palm leaves. The etched portions are cut out and are filled with colors. Mostly black is the color used, but we can see greens and yellows, reds and whites as well which are applied by a brush. Black gives the palm etching a natural look The black color used comes from soot that is collected from burning at nights, and mixed with tree sap and water to give the right thick consistency. The excess black is removed quickly by washing, so that the leaf does not absorb all the unwanted color.

Size: 1x4"

Weight: 20 gms

Comes in an envelope packing, an ideal gift for students, book lovers.

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